Video Case Studies

Client: Brightcove, Inc.
Video Case Studies: Showtime, Wall Street Journal, Stop & Shop, Dupont
External Link: Brightcove Site

The Challenge

In this project we needed to provide Brightcove with deep editing and story construction for video they’d already shot. They were looking to structure their footage into case studies, with testimonials from customers including Showtime, Wall Street Journal, Dupont, and Stop ‘n’ Shop.

The point of these case studies was to provide a balanced account of the working relationship each client had with Brightcove. Brightcove, by the way, had a great grasp of their own story which we were able to tap into for each piece.

The Players

Brightcove is the leading onine video platform and you can learn more about them by watching the case studies on their site, nearly all of which we’ve edited.  We worked in tight integration with the marketing department there to ensure that their customers would be featured in the most accurate light. Their clients were out to exploit video on the web and had a different and interesting story to tell:

Showtime built out a large online repository for the long tail content from their various winning series; Dupont created a personal history of the great miracles of science that have resulted from their labs; The Wall Street Journal built a digital news division around their video site; while Stop & Shop embraced user generated content and used video for improving customer service.

The Plan

Our process for this work entails doing an initial paper cut from time-coded transcripts so that we know what the story really should feel like going into the edit suite. We were able to apply a news editorial schedule based upon the level of quality b-roll involved and the way these pieces were conducted and shot. The contribution of very good producing work from Brightcove’s end meant we could delve deep into the story editing to ensure we got the best bites and most engaging images available.


We offered Brightcove our agile on-site editing solution which allows for a faster approval, review, and turnaround. More importantly, it builds very clear channels of communication.  We found there were multiple ways to leverage the strengths of each case study, and building a regular review cycle and conversation about the content emboldened our editorial decisions.

As we edited, the endeavor of building each story out of pre-sourced material became clearer and we created workarounds, producing where perhaps the interview was not as focused, or the b-roll did not pop.  Our key to success though, was having the thought leadership to ask questions about company story and message in order to energize the project, lift it off ground, and give it the sense of urgency it deserved.


In just three weeks we created high quality edits for Brightcove using our on-site post production solution. Our ability to suss story out of reams of transcripts gave Brightcove the return they were looking for as they headed into their next big sales push and the videos have continued to augment their white papers, webinars, and multimedia content.

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